The Message of Youth

Using the psychology of the young person, combined with the wisdom of Sacred Scripture, and supported by the popular contemporary insights of modern music and film, Fr. Mike Scully provides a rare glimpse into the specific difficulties facing youth in a high-school and college environment often hostile to traditional Christian morality.

Christian leadership is a topic that has many faces. It is a subject that can be studied with theses and subdivisions. It is also a leaven that permeates people's lives, a leaven that creates a person's character, as expressed in that person's thoughts, words and actions. Such a leaven comes from many sources, but ultimately all of the sources must find their foundation in Jesus Christ. It is what Jesus said and did and if possible to discover, what he thought that guides a Christian leader. The best place to find the Christian thought is in the Gospels of the New Testament, in the work of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and meditation on those Gospels.

This website is set up to foster Christian leadership. It is dedicated to the thought that a person can be transformed into being a Christian leader by reflection on the Gospels.
One of the best ways to study Christian leadership is to study our lives with the idea that Christian leadership will "dictate" certain elements to those living situations. There is no better place to find them than in the modern media of film, television, and music. The media presents people in life situations. One can study those situations and determine what a Christian leader should do given the circumstances that are presented.
Therefore, this website is also set up with the idea that the principles of Jesus Christ can and should be found in the real-life situations that are contained in the modern media of the twenty-first century.
The most important part of the website is what is called "Gospel Meditations." They are the continuation of the daily meditations that have already begun in print with the publication of "The Gospels in Modern Media." Every day of the year, a person will find a meditation on Christian leadership coming directly from the Gospels and a specific selection from the modern media of film and music. The meditations can be easily printed from the website and used for personal growth.
People visiting the website will also be able to see a Christian leader's reflection on the current top 5 songs (according to Mix 103, KJLS-FM, in Hays, KS, and the transcript of Fr. Mike Scully's radio show "Message at the Top." Both links explore the principles of Christian leadership that can be found in the popular music of the current day, as well as the top 20 "Hot Adult Contemporary" music of the 80's, 90's and 2000's. .

Michael Scully, O.F.M.Cap.

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